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About Us

Tierra , owner + creative director + candle maker

"The everyday woman loves routine and always knows what's coming next. But, she embraces her individuality and shy's away from the norm with confidence. She's comfortable doing her own thing." -Tierra

Shop Fox & Co is an online shop, and total lifestyle brand. Everything we design is inspired by art- with clean neutral aesthetics. Our staple products are our handmade-wooden- wicked soy candles + wax melts. We handcraft and design each and every candle, down to the labels. Our candle fragrances are premium and are said to activate positive and memorable experiences.

 Established 2020

Our Vision : Shop Fox and Co inspires to keep the self care conversation going. We believe that with our products, we can encourage others around the globe to live better + treat themselves better + treat others better.

When Tierra isn't making candles, she's probably joking around and eating. Or curled up in bed, wearing fuzzy socks, thinking about the next best candle idea